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This Is Nathan Young’s / Geek Alabama’s Top 10 YouTube Channels


This post will talk about what I like over on YouTube!  As you know, there are many YouTube channels you can subscribe too.  But I have a couple of YouTube channels that are my top favorites!  These channels range from dogs, road videos, pop culture, viral videos, science videos, and even food review videos!  So, what to know my 10 top YouTube channels on YouTube?  Read on below or go to my YouTube channel and check out my favorite channels at:


I am a road geek, so one of the best road YouTube channels is Freewayjim!  Each video brings you a time-lapse road video that anyone should enjoy.  You get to see great scenery, roads, and learn plenty of great facts!

Gone To The Snow Dogs

This YouTube channel features the lives of three Siberian Huskies and their owners.  You get to see plenty of dog action, product reviews, fan Fridays, and cute videos involving the huskies!

TWiT Netcast Network

If you don’t listen to the shows on the This Week In Tech network, you should!  This YouTube channel features popular clips of the shows they do each week.  Just in case you don’t have time to listen to every show!

Smarter Every Day

This YouTube channel featuring Destin features some great science related videos!  You get to learn something, see some great slow motion action, and feel smarter after each video.  And the best part, they are also located in Alabama.

BevNerd Video Podcast

Jason Coleman, also located in Alabama, also does a review YouTube channel, but this channel mostly reviews drinks and snacks!  No matter how weird the snacks or drinks can be, he will review them!  I hope he will soon make videos again!

Soul Pancake

When I got to interview Kid President, I also checked out the other great videos this YouTube channel does.  If you love watching inspiring and sometimes funny videos as well, Soul Pancake is for you!  It’s videos that matter!

PBS Idea Channel

If you like watching what the stuff in pop culture relates to everyday life, than Idea Channel is for you!  This YouTube channel features great thoughts, great video and picture clips, funny GIF’s, and viewer feedback as well!

Jacksonville State University

JSU loves what I do on Geek Alabama, and regularly shares stuff on their social media feeds.  Other than that, they do post some great videos like events, campus life, student life, lectures, and funny videos!

Hasbro Studios Shorts

Since Hasbro’s channel Hub Network is no more, but the folks from Hasbro likes Geek Alabama.  I had to include this channel as one of my favorites.  This YouTube channel features plenty of clips from a variety of Hasbro cartoons, past and present!


Ken Domik is a professional YouTuber.  And twice a week, you can see him reviewing popular restaurant and fast-food items on his channel.  Or, you might see him do a food challenge, like eating five Happy Meals from McDonald’s.  Or he might review other things like snack food or drinks.  He is basically your all around food reviewer!

By the way, I have many more YouTube channels that I like!  If you want to check out my favorite YouTube channels in a handy-dandy YouTube playlist, go to:

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