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Catch The Live Peter Pan Live Musical Tonight On NBC


Tonight at 8 pm / 7 pm Central, NBC hopes to take you on an adventure to Neverland in their second live musical since their successful The Sound of Music Live musical last year.  In Peter Pan Live, you will see Allison Williams, the daughter of news anchor Brian Williams, be Peter Pan.  And Christopher Walken will play the role of Captain Hook.  Here is a digital preview from NBC.

Yes, The Sound of Music Live was blasted on Twitter and social media by many people critiquing the musical.  But, ratings were through the roof, and I actually enjoyed the live musical.  A few weeks after the live musical, NBC started to plan for Peter Pan Live, and it’s been almost a year in the making!  Everyone in this live musical has been rehearsing for months now, and tonight is the big night!  Here are exclusive interviews with Allison Williams and Christopher Walken.

Judging by the few tweets already sent out about Peter Pan Live, some people are already bashing the live musical, even before it airs.

But, I think the musical will be great tonight, and it would be great for the entire family.  You don’t get to watch a show the entire family can enjoy, and be appropriate at the same time much anymore.  Come on, other broadcast networks have bad shows on tonight, or are on repeats.  The Big Bang Theory is a repeat tonight, and if you have Dish Network, you might not get to watch CBS starting tonight.  I encourage you to watch Peter Pan Live tonight at 8/7 pm Central on NBC.  I will be watching, will you?

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And if you want a taste of what you might see tonight, enjoy this 1960 version of the Peter Pan musical.

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