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Camping Supplies and Lane Cake, Two Things Alabama Is Known For


So, Alabama has become known for so wacky things, and in two latest stories found on the internet.  You will learn why people in Alabama love their camping supplies and their Lane Cake.  First off, let’s learn about why Alabama is in love with camping supplies.

eBay Study

eBay, the site where people go to try to make money by selling everyday things, analyzed which items each state purchases the most, finding the top 500 brands for each state and then boiling them down to general categories.  And according to eBay, Alabama purchases camping goods the most.  I guess since Alabama has plenty of outdoor areas, that makes since.  But the funny thing is what the neighboring states purchases the most on eBay.  In Georgia, people purchase office supplies the most.  In Mississippi, it’s mattresses.  In Florida, it’s smartphones and tablets.  And in Tennessee, people purchase dental supplies the most, yes dental stuff.

So, here is a infographic from eBay showing the most purchased items in each state.

Alabama’s Top Dessert

According to Slate, Alabama’s most popular dessert is from the classic book “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  Lane Cake is made from four layers of white sponge cake that are slathered in between with a mix of egg yolks, butter, sugar, raisins, and bourbon. The frosting is made with boiled whipped egg whites.  Lane Cake was created by Emma Rylander Lane in the 1898 cookbook, “A Few Good Things to Eat.”  Most people in Alabama, and in the south, have not heard or tasted Lane Cake, so I find this story from Slate as very interesting.

Slate called this story the United Sweets of America.  And the neighboring states from Alabama have some more common choices for their top dessert.  In Georgia, it’s peach cobbler.  In Florida, it’s key lime pie.  In Mississippi, it’s Mississippi mud pie.  And in Tennessee, it’s banana pudding.  At least in those states, those desserts are recognizable, and made all the time.  And in most other states, their top dessert is something most people have had.

Taking a look at the list, I think Alabama got shafted with the hardest dessert to make.  And a dessert most people have never tasted or heard about.  Seriously, Lane Cake, I think Slate could choose something more recognizable, like the Moon Pie!  See the story and map from Slate by clicking the picture or link below!

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