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Four Sporting Events In The South Every Sports Fan Should Attend


Sports, it’s something most people cares about.  People will plan sometimes up to a year in advance to see their favorite bowl game, horse race, car race, hockey game, baseball game, football game, golf tournament, and more!  Some even have a sports bucket list where people wants to visit iconic stadiums or iconic events before they die.  Now, the folks from USA Today put out a list of the 10 best bucket list sporting events.  And Alabama made the list, for the Iron Bowl!  Since I am an Auburn fan, lets remember what happened at the last Iron Bowl, shall we?

So now, USA Today has named the Iron Bowl as one of the top 10 sporting events every sports fan should attend once in their life, and I agree with them!  The last few Iron Bowls have been filled with unbelievable action and some crazy stuff!  Here is what USA Today said about the Iron Bowl.

Although the sports world is full of bitter rivalries, there’s perhaps none more heartfelt than the annual Thanksgiving weekend match-up between the University of Alabama and cross-state rival Auburn University.”It shows how important football is in that part of the country. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and how it divides not just the entire state, but families,” Tuchman says. While the first game dates to the late 19th century, Both teams have been nationally ranked in recent years, making the showdown even more dramatic.

A tip USA Today gives to anyone attending the Iron Bowl for the first time, is to attend the tailgates.  Yes, the tailgates feature fun games, tasty food, and a great variety of people from both sides.  The tailgate atmosphere is something everyone should attend once in their lives!  Now, The Iron Bowl is not the only sporting event from the south USA Today named as one every sports fan should attend.  There are three other yearly sporting events you should attend in the south!

The Masters

The Masters takes place every April at the Augusta National Golf Club, and you not only get to see great golf, you also get to see a beautiful golf course with the flowers in full bloom!  Here is what USA Today had to say.

While fans come to see golfers, it’s the Augusta National Golf Club itself that’s the top attraction, Tuchman says. “It’s a perfect time of year with all the flowers and azaleas. This is the Mecca. Fans want to see Augusta. There’s almost feeling when they walk on the course: ‘Now I can die in peace.’ “

Daytona 500

The first NASCAR race every year is the Daytona 500 taking place at the Daytona International Speedway.  What does USA Today say about this car race?

Tuchman calls this February showdown the grand-daddy of all NASCAR racing. And the season-opening competition is fan-focused with plenty of opportunities for parties and pit tours and enjoying the beach during a weeklong build-up. “NASCAR understands the importance of the fan experience. The drivers are really accessible. Even though it’s a major, major sport you can see these guys on site, see their team, and you can get really up close.”

Kentucky Derby

In Early May, Churchill Downs becomes a mecca for horse racing with ladies wearing those interesting hats, everyone in their best dresses, mint juleps, and the beginning of the Triple Crown.  What does USA Today say?

While the race itself lasts a mere two minutes, the hoopla and excitement leading up to it the Derby is unmatched in sports, Tuchman says. It’s partly the heritage of host racetrack Churchill Downs, but it’s also the celebrities and the fashion and style on display the first Saturday in May on the track’s vaunted Millionaire’s Row. “It’s about the history and everything surrounding it. You feel the intensity leading up to the race all day.” Louisville sponsors events all week including a parade, fireworks and a steamboat race. Or visitors can tour horse farms and plan tastings along the state’s Bourbon Trail.

There are other great sporting events every sports fan must attend, to see the entire list, go to:

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