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View These Awesome 2014 Father’s Day Videos


Father’s Day is on Sunday!  And if you want to know my thoughts about my father, come back to Geek Alabama on Sunday!  Spoiler Alert, it’s not going to be a good story.  But for many other fathers out there, they treat and raise their children the right way, and might have some fun along the way!  This first video from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is called The Evolution of Dad Dancing and features Gov. Chris Christie!

This next video from the YouTube channel BuzzFeedVideo features the eight most dad texts ever sent.  And some are very funny!

But, some Father’s Day videos are also very sweet!  This video from the YouTube channel WestJet features a father being reunited with his family that includes a sick child!

This video from the YouTube channel dovemencareus calls for fathers to have more #RealDadMoments with their children!

This video from the YouTube channel COVERGIRL calls for fathers to share more loving messages of empowerment with their daughters.  A good message!

This video from the YouTube channel Made Man features a deserving dad getting a huge life changing surprise!

And last, enjoy a special Father’s Day message from President Obama.  Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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