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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week Of 5-31-14

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama! Some of the most popular posts from last week included a Roadscapes Wednesday post featuring two new road drawings,  viewing the 50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer presentation, TV Review of The Wil Wheaton Project, why I still have a problem with Google’s self-driving cars, five tips for taking an internet break, and making a mini-golf hole with polymer clay!

Roadscapes Wednesday: New Road Drawings Featuring One Lane Bridge / Road Work

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

This post features my 51st and 52nd road drawings since I started the Geek Alabama blog!  Click the link to see the road drawings!

View The 50 Geeky Nerdy Family Activities For Summer Presentation


View the latest Geek Alabama presentation showcasing 50 Summer activities you can do with your family that is geeky and nerdy!

TV Review: The Wil Wheaton Project

Geek Alabama TV Reviews

This TV Review post talks about and reviews The Wil Wheaton Project that premiered on Syfy Channel, click the link to read the review!

Why I Still Have A Problem With Google’s Self-Driving Cars


Google tested their new self-driving cars on average people this week.  But if you know how drivers act on the road, self-driving cars are not a good idea, for now!

Here Are Five Tips For Taking An Internet Break


I took a one day internet break this week, here is a post with five tips so you can take an internet break as well!

Make A Mini Golf Hole With Polymer Clay


So I took some polymer or bakeable clay and made a mini one hole golfing surface with tubes!  Click the link to see how I did it!

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