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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week of 5-24-14

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama! Some of the most popular posts from last week included Geek Alabama’s 3000th post, an open letter to Keith Maddox, and people who hates cyclists riding on public roadways, how Nintendo can turn around from its massive gaming freefall, post about the 21 life lessons from Saturday morning cartoons presentation, post about the Hub Network’s Maleficent My Little Pony spoof trailer, and a post about how the Anniston/Oxford area is in deep trouble.

Geek Alabama’s 3000th Post, Thanks For Being A Fan


Geek Alabama crossed the 3000th post this week, this post talks about what we have done, and why I need someone to hire me now!

An Open Letter To Keith Maddox, And People Who Hates Cyclists Riding On Public Roadways


This video showing Keith Maddox harassing cyclists here in Anniston has gone viral!  This post talks about the video, and why cyclists have the right to ride on public roadways.

How Nintendo Can Turn Around From Its Massive Gaming Freefall


Nintendo is losing billions of dollars, and something must be done to stop the bleeding.  This post talks about the ways to turn around Nintendo and their problems.

View The 21 Life Lessons From Saturday Morning Cartoons Presentation


I made another presentation and uploaded it to SlideShare.  This presentation talks about 21 life lessons you learned from watching Saturday morning cartoons!

Watch The Hub Network’s My Little Pony Maleficent Spoof Trailer


With the Disney movie Maleficent about to come out, the Hub Network made a spoof of Maleficent using My Little Pony, the video was very good!

It’s Official, The Anniston/Oxford Metro Is In Deep Trouble


From the worst unemployment spike in America, the biggest drop of wages in America, and one of the worst performing metro areas in America.  Anniston/Oxford is in trouble.

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