Geek Alabama Indiegogo Campaign – 15 Days Left

Indiegogo Campaign

15 Days Left on our Indiegogo Campaign – $75 raised

Today, we are still at $75 out of $20,000 raised, and we are at the halfway point of this campaign.  I have shared this campaign with many people and on social media, and I hope we will start seeing campaign pledges come as the days come down toward zero.  Remember, this is a fixed campaign, so that means if we don’t reach the $20,000 goal, no one will be charged and no pledges will be handed out.  Please consider giving a pledge towards our campaign!

The money raised from this campaign will go towards several things.  One, our camera equipment is now several years old and the sensors are breaking down.  Two, our computer equipment is breaking down.  It takes us a couple of hours to process one video because of the slow computer.  Geek Alabama wants to move to a self-hosted site so we can accept advertisers.  Geek Alabama is currently hosted on where outside advertisers are banned.  Funds would also go towards getting radio equipment so we can launch a podcast!  The money would also go towards fixing our transportation (car), paying the fees, and paying for the rewards.

We are offering some great rewards for supporting Geek Alabama!  These rewards include books, t-shirts, poster, tote bag, other items, and chances to be featured on Geek Alabama!  Here is what we are offering!


This Indiegogo campaign is a fixed campaign, which means if we don’t reach the $20,000 goal, we don’t get any funding.  And all the pledge rewards will not be made and shipped out.  We have plenty of exciting things coming to Geek Alabama in 2014, but if we don’t reach this goal, we might not get to do them.  And the people who were counting on us for promotion and coverage will be left without, we don’t want that to happen!  We have worked with many great companies and been featured on other media outlets, take a look!


Today, we are at $75 of our $20,000 raised.  If you want to pledge money and select a great reward, go to:

View the Nathan Young Visual Resume to learn more about what we do!

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