Extremely Cold Air Invades Alabama Early Next Week

Geek Alabama Weather Alert

This is a special weather alert related post on Geek Alabama, because early next week, Alabama is going to experience the coldest weather in 10+ years.  Much of North Alabama and Georgia will go below freezing on Sunday night and not rise above freezing again until Wednesday.  That is nearly 72 hours being below freezing, not something you normally see in Alabama.  Here is the projected lows from the GPS on Tuesday morning.  As you can see, it’s calling for lows around 5 degrees.


This cold weather will not be a joke!  Models began to pick up on this extremely cold air about a week ago, and it is going to happen!  At this time, we are expecting extreme arctic air to invade the southeast early next week.  Highs on Monday and Tuesday will not reach above 32 degrees or above freezing.  In fact, the highs for Monday will not get out of the teens.  And the highs on Tuesday won’t get out of the 20’s!  The lows will be in the single digits to the teens.  But I would not be surprised if we saw lows below zero on Tuesday morning, especially in the colder pockets in NE Alabama.

First on Sunday afternoon, a storm system is going to bring some rain that will changeover to snow Sunday night.  Updated model projections have all of North Alabama getting snow accumulations of around .5 inches to one inch of snow.  The biggest problem from this system will be the black ice that will form because the roads will be wet and the lows will be in the upper 20’s.


Then on Monday and Tuesday, prepare for the extreme cold!  Look at this GPS map valid on Tuesday, it’s saying highs will only be in the mid teens, insane!  The high for Birmingham if this is correct would only be 16.


If you think the actual temperature will be cold, than prepare for the wind chills!  The GPS is saying wind chill values for Tuesday will be -10 and below.  This is the type of weather where if you will be outside, you must have all layers of skin covered up or you will get frostbite.  The winds will be blowing out of the northwest around 15-25 mph.


The bottomline, prepare now to see high temperatures in the teens to 20’s and lows around the single digits to teens or below from Monday to Wednesday next week!  There will be some snow Sunday night, and there will be some snow accumulations.  Here is the Geek Alabama snow accumulation map for Sunday night.


The big story is going to be the severe cold!  During the arctic cold, make sure all pipes are well insulated.  Bring all pets indoors and do not leave them outside.  Let’s your water pipes drip a little to prevent them from bursting.  Check on elderly neighbors to make sure they are okay.  Dress warmly if you must be outdoors.  And if you use a space heater, keep it away from all things flammable.  Here are some more tips from the Birmingham NWS.


Prepare this weekend for the extreme cold!  And stay warm!  Many school systems are announcing 2-hour delays from Monday-Wednesday next week due to the extreme cold including Anniston, Oxford, Jacksonville, and Piedmont city schools.  Plus Calhoun County Schools, Cleburne County Schools, St. Clair County Schools, Marshall County Schools, Randolph County Schools, Donoho School, and Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic School.  Expect more schools to delay their starts as well.

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