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Aspie Recipes: Crock Pot Pork And Bacon


I did a BBQ pork crock pot recipe a few months ago and it was very good!  But since Christmas is almost here, I upped the man factor with bacon!  How about some BBQ pork with lots of bacon!  I used the pork / bacon to make some great tacos!  To get started, you need a pork shoulder or pork butt.  Here is what you need!

1.  Mix all the spices together in a bowl, then rub all over the meat.

2.  Take uncooked strips of bacon and place all around the pork.  Use toothpicks to secure the bacon to the pork.

3. Place pork meat inside crock pot.  Careful not to loosen the toothpicks.

4. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.  Basically turn on in the morning before you go to work and it will be ready when you get back home!

5. After 6-8 hours, turn off crock pot and take meat out and place onto plate.

6. Let meat cool, then take all toothpicks out!  Chop meat up well for sandwiches or tacos.

There you go, I enjoyed these tacos.  You will have plenty of pork to go for a few days if you live alone!  The bacon and pork work together very well!  Hope you enjoy this recipe!

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