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12 Days Left Until Christmas 2013


12 Days Left Until Christmas

At The North Pole:

Santa’s Workshop is working overtime right now to get ready for Christmas!  Each day, lots of raw wood, raw metal, and raw plastic comes in the back door to be made into toys!  The suppliers are very happy because the North Pole pays a lot of money to the suppliers so the elves can make these toys!  The suppliers can give the extra money to their employees for their Christmas gifts!

Christmas Song:

Santa Baby is a 1953 Christmas song written by Joan Javits and Philip Springer.  The song is a tongue-in-cheek look at a Christmas list sung by a woman who wants extravagant gifts such as sables, yachts, and decorations from Tiffany’s.  It is one of the few hit Christmas songs written by a woman.  The version by Madonna is popular!

Adult Gift Idea:

Have someone you don’t like?  Give them The Gift of Nothing!  Find at:

Child Gift Idea:

Kids will have fun with this Sphero Robotic Ball!  Find at:

Christmas Charity:

This charity is a fundraiser for six-year-old Christopher Kiezek, who wants a prosthetic arm to play a Xbox One!  The fundraiser as raised over $50,000 so far!  Donate at:

12 Days of Christmas:

On the 12th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, 12 Drummers Drumming.  The cost for 2013, $2,854.80.

My Christmas Wish:

My only Christmas wish for 2013 is a job or income from Geek Alabama.  If you know of something e-mail me at  View my visual resume below!

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