The Evening Post: Don’t Mine at Night Pony Parody Video

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Yes, there are plenty of fan art and videos from the very popular show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but most of the animation is cute to see but not worth sharing on major websites like Geek Alabama.  After I watched the latest video from JanAnimations, I had to share this!  The animation in this video is spectacular, and in some cases is better than the actual show.  This video called Don’t Mine at Night features Button Mash and Sweetie Belle as they play some video games and go into virtual reality.

This video is executed extremely well, the animation is top-notch, flowing naturally, and paced very well with the music.  It took JanAnimations a long time to make this video, I am glad he did not rush this, because it’s excellent!  Take a few minutes and enjoy this video below!  I normally don’t do an Evening Post on Friday nights, but this needed to be shared now!


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