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The Evening Post: Government Shutdown Is Over For Now

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Tonight, both the Senate and the House passed a bill to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling.  But this harmony will not last forever.  In around 90 days after the Christmas Holidays, we will be facing another government shutdown and we will be near the debt ceiling once again.  So really, nothing was accomplished tonight.

Both parties decided to kick the can down the road and worry about what Christmas presents they are going to get.  Why did our Congress not pass something that would be more meaningful?  I don’t know, I guess our members of Congress were ready to start Christmas shopping.  Remember folks, to force change in Washington you must vote out your incumbent.  Every incumbent from both parties must be voted out to force change in Washington, but that won’t happen.  Because we love our innocent local Congressmen.

So to wrap the post up, enjoy a parody video from Saturday Night Live and a video of me dancing!  Maybe something will change soon?