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The Evening Post: Guillermo del Toro’s Treehouse of Horror XXIV Opening

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Did you watch the latest Treehouse of Horror over the weekend?  The couch gag was pretty epic!  The three segments were pretty good on the Treehouse of Horror XXIV.  First was a Doctor Seuss mash-up called “The Fat In The Hat”, where Homer was the Fat in the Hat and many characters were killed off.  Next is a story of head swapping, where Bart’s head is attached to Lisa’s body, called “Dead and Shoulders.”  The final segment is a parody of the 1932 classic horror film Freaks called “Freaks No Geeks” with a surprise ending that was very interesting.

But the best part was the opener from director Guillermo del Toro.  You see many things in the couch gag, it will take you a couple of viewings to see everything.  Some of the spoofs in the gag includes Del Toro’s films, three-eyed ravens, the hypno-toad, giant lizards, vampires, Blade, Stephen King, three-eyed fishes, Hitchcock, Lovecraft, Poe, The Universal Monsters, Alice in Wonderland, and of course, zombies.  Here is video from the couch gag, enjoy!