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I first talked about The Pie Shop on a Kickstarter Tuesdays post as they are raising funds to start a new location.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like they will reach their goal and they will have to find another way to get the funding.  Even though they might not reach their goal, I did go to The Pie Shop in the Toyota Corolla last weekend.  If you want to see my review of The Pie Shop on video, watch the video below, it starts at around 12:10.


The Pie Shop is in the Buckhead area of Atlanta along Roswell Road or US 19.  Yes, they claim the location is hard to find and it is.  Your only clue is a sign saying Pie Shop along the road.  And yes, there is pay for parking in this small shopping center.  But the employee told me the pay for parking is only for people who leaves their cars to go to other restaurants and bars.  That means if you visit The Pie Shop, you don’t have to pay for parking!  The Pie Shop is at this location below!

From Google Maps.

The Pie Shop has a wide assortment of pies!  As you can see below, they have apple, coconut cream, chocolate ganache,  pecan, sweet potato, cookies and cream, and plum.  They also have some interesting pies like quiche, chicken pot pie, beef roast pie, and BBQ chicken handpies!

stuff 183stuff 180

So I got a chocolate ganache pie, and the person there did something very nice!  She topped the pie with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings.  Me and my friend got two big slices of chocolate ganache pie with a diet coke.  We spent around $12 for everything and this pie was awesome!

stuff 186

The crust was very flaky and the chocolate was great!  The fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings made this pie better.  The Pie Shop actually serves their pie slices on real plates with real silverware, not many places do this anymore!

stuff 179stuff 184stuff 185

Yes, The Pie Shop is hard to find but it is worth a visit!  I hope this business gets the new location that they deserve.  The Pie Shop is located at 3210 Roswell Road in Atlanta Georgia.  You can reach them by calling 404-841-4512.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm.  Learn more about The Pie Shop at:

Follow The Pie Shop on Facebook at: and on Twitter @PieShopATL.


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