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The Evening Post: Breaking Bad Ends

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If you did not watch the last episode of Breaking Bad last night, you were missing out!  I believe that hour was one of the best in TV history.  While I am not here to spoil anything from the final episode, I wanted to feature some of the best Breaking Bad spoofs you can find on YouTube.  Before I do that, here is a video from AMC which is a farewell to Breaking Bad, spoilers included!

This first spoof video is from Jimmy Fallon and took the concept from the show and used jokes instead of meth.  It’s called Joking Bad.

This next one is based in a video game form.  It’s LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game!

I liked this one during Geek Week on YouTube.  It’s Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.  I wonder if the kids knew this show was based around meth?

This Taylor Swift and Breaking Bad Parody was called “We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together,” this was great!

And the last one is a Breaking Bad / Walking Dead Mash-Up.  The Walking Dead season 4 premieres in less than two weeks!

If you have not seen the final three minutes of Breaking Bad, or if you want to watch it again.  AMC posted the final three minutes on their YouTube channel, enjoy!