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Business Review: Cheaha Brewing Company

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Ever since Cheaha Brewing Company opened earlier this year, the owners have asked me to come out for a Business Review.  Last Friday night, I finally got a chance to come out and try their food and locally brewed beer.  And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

Cheaha Brewing Company operates as a fully functioning brew pub in the historic L&N freight house / train depot in downtown Anniston Alabama.  Their beer is paired with uniquely prepared dishes using locally grown, organic produce/dairy products and all natural meats.  The inside of the restaurant is very cool!  Their bar is made out of reclaimed wood from the building.  And the inside has that charming old school feel.


To get started, I got a Cheaha Brewing Company on-site brewed beer that was on tap.  The beer was called a “Roggenbier.”  I asked the server for a sweet beer and this is what she recommended me!  The beer was good!  Cheaha Brewing offers several different brews that they brew on site.  The restaurant also offers a chef special every day they are open and even has local musicians come in and perform on some nights!


Then I ordered a burger and seasoned waffle fries for dinner.  The burger was juicy and was seasoned perfectly!  You can taste the difference because all the food comes from local businesses and is natural and fresh.  For example, the meat comes from either Thompson’s Meat in Alexandria, AL or Miller’s Farm in Delta, AL.  The bun is baked in their in-house kitchen or obtained through Artisanal Baked Goods in Anniston.


I think I enjoyed the seasoned waffle fries the most!  The server told me the fries are made and cooked fresh in-house.  And the seasoning is what made these fries!  I would enjoy these seasoned waffle fries by themselves on any night!  All of their ingredients on their menu is obtained from local vendors.  And the menu does rotate to what is in season!  The prices for their menu items are a little bit more than what you expect from a fast-food joint.  But you are paying for quality and freshness, that is what you should expect!


I recommend you go and try out this place, you will like it!  Cheaha Brewing Company is located at 1208 Walnut Avenue in Anniston.  You can contact them by calling 256-770-7300.  Learn more about Cheaha Brewing Company by going to:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @cheahabrewingco.

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  1. The pub is very interesting for me about related in local business and organic food. and It looks good. But, What does that means ‘fully functioning pub’?


  2. It’s fully functioning because they operate a full bar, serve food, and have a on-site brewery in the same building. So it’s fully functioning!