The Evening Post: Are Alabamians the Ugliest and Dumbest?

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The website Business Insider conducted a poll from 1603 people to answer each question with a state that wasn’t their own.  The poll was carried out using SurveyMonkey’s Audience feature, which was more accurate predicting the 2012 election than numerous traditional pollsters.  Questions ranged from the worst food, weirdest accent, which state is your least favorite, which state is the craziest, and much more!  Here is a map featuring all the results for each state.  The top state in each category is in bold print.


So Alabama did not fare well in this poll.  Americans thought Alabama had the ugliest people in America!  Mississippi was not far behind.

us state poll maps question 15

Americans thought Mississippi had the dumbest people in America.  Alabama was a close second!

us state poll maps question 17

And three other polls were negative toward Alabama.  Alabama was highly ranked as the least favorite state, the state with the worst food, and the state Americans wanted to see kicked out of America.

us state poll maps question 05us state poll maps question 03us state poll maps question 21

So Alabamians, do you believe these polls or do you find these polls has hogwash?  I find these polls as a waste of time.  For you folks who have never visited Alabama, you will find the people as great!  We are not ugly and dumb!  Remember our motto, Alabama The Beautiful!

See all the poll results from Business Insider at:

Photos from Business Insider

2 thoughts on “The Evening Post: Are Alabamians the Ugliest and Dumbest?

  • August 23, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    I guess the voting against our own interests thing makes us appear dumb. I’m not sure why they think we’re so ugly.

    • August 23, 2013 at 5:55 pm

      Alabamians are not dumb and ugly. It’s just some people have a misconception about people from Alabama!


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