Kickstarter Tuesdays: Heavy Water Indie Film, Tribesports Performance Wear

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This week on Kickstarter Tuesdays, I am talking about two projects that could use your support!  First off is a special film in the Atlanta Metro.

Heavy Water – A Feature Film


Andrew Donoho has lived in Atlanta for the past few years.  He has come across a handful of fascinating stories from local homeless men and women and recovering addicts.  He wanted to take these elements and build them into a redemption story with a touch of sci-fi to explore themes about materialism, self-control, and the pull between different expectations within our world.  Low-income Atlanta presents a visceral texture, aesthetic, and history that provides them with a unique backdrop for these stories, rarely shown on film.  Andrew spent 2 years working in the Atlanta film industry meeting talented peers that shared his vision for the movie.  Six long months went into forging a well thought-out script and finding the right actors.  Then they shot the movie.

Heavy Water follows the story of River, a recovering addict recently released from prison, played by Carter Jenkins.  Carter has proven to be an incredible asset to the film with a massive passion, impressive ability, and previous credits from films and T.V. shows such as Surface, Aliens in the Attic, and Valentine’s Day.  The film opens with River desperately trying to reintegrate into society and make enough money to keep his home, pay for his mentally distressed younger brother, and escape the control of his domineering uncle. When all options disappear and times grow harder, an old friend named Jed provides River with what seems to be the perfect solution.


From Facebook.

They just finished their final day of principal photography, and they are about to enter post-production.   They started out with a small budget and have stretched it incredibly far, working with talented actors and a crew of over 35 incredibly skilled artists.  They have secured a huge amount of resources from the local industry: two red cameras, Zeiss Super speeds, a two-ton lighting package, expansive and beautiful locations, police cars, factories, amazing props, and an art department that’s re-shaping and defining the world. They have managed to create a unique and beautiful aesthetic, and a powerful story being told to the best of their abilities.  Now they are reaching the end of their funds, and they are looking for support from people who want to be a part of the film for their post-production, pick-ups, and finding distribution.


This movie has been talked about on the LA Times and E! Online because Jake “The Snake” Roberts is a star in this movie.  The funds from Kickstarter will allow them to afford postproduction, which is one of the most costly elements of filmmaking.  This includes camera rentals, actor’s flights, lights, and crew for their reshoots and pickups: they still need to shoot the final scene and get a lot of tight inserts they have missed.  The crew still needs to create a full musical score for the movie and to do the final edit of the movie plus corrections.  Funds would also go to film festival fees, posters, website, and other promotional activities for the movie.

As of August 13th, this Kickstarter project has raised around $13,800 of the $25,000 goal they need to be funded.  And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached!  This project only has 8 days left to reach the $25,000 goal.  For a pledge of $25, you will get a link to watch the movie online in HD.  For a pledge of $45, you will get to see a behind the scenes video of the making of Heavy Water.  There are also many more awesome pledge levels!  To learn more about Heavy Water and to pledge money, go to:

Follow Heavy Water on Facebook at:

Tribesports: Revolutionizing the Sportswear Industry


When most people exercise, they often wear special athletic clothing to make them feel comfortable.  Now, a company out of Great Britain is bringing the world’s first community-powered sportswear range, bringing you premium quality at up to 40% cheaper than leading sports brands.

Tribesports Performance Wear will be made to meet the highest quality technical specifications, using premium technical fabrics and cutting-edge construction methods. BUT, despite being the same quality (or better) than the leading sports brands, they will be brought to you at up to 40% cheaper.  How can athletic wear be 40% cheaper you ask?  Well, by supporting Tribesports Performance Wear, you are not paying for a middlemen, paying for brick and mortar stores, paying for celebrity endorsements and sponsorship’s, or paying for TV ad campaigns and billboards.


From the first sketches to the final product, they have developed the range with quality, performance and versatility in mind.  These detailed design CADs outline some of the key performance features of the products.  All fabric & trim selections have been specifically chosen to keep you looking and feeling great while you work out.  Moisture wicking fabric, lock-down zip pullers, 360 degree reflectivity, heat transfer size labels, the list goes on.  The Tribesports Performance range is designed to sit close to the skin for a streamlined fit.  The ergonomic seams follow the contours of your body for a supportive, comfortable finish.  Here’s some of the technical detail of the athletic wear.


Tribesports Performance Wear has a line of men and women athletic wear that includes short and long sleeved shirts, shorts, zip-top, and capris.  Tribesports are currently at the final prototype stage on their first range.  All styles are quality control checked, sweat tested and are ready to run.  On reaching their funding goal of £30,000 (~$46,000), your pledges will go directly towards moving the very first Tribesports performance wear range from final prototype stage into production.  They have worked tirelessly to put all the necessary logistics in place for this project.  Supporting their solid in-house team, they have built strong relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, quality control, global logistics and fulfillment specialists and other expert service providers to minimize any potential risks and pitfalls.

As of August 13th, this Kickstarter project has raised around 52,000 pounds of the 30,000 pounds goal they need to be funded.  This project has 23 days left to raise as much as it can!  For a pledge of 6 pounds ($10), you will get a one of a kind Tribe-founder exercise towel.  For a pledge of 16 pounds ($25), you will get your choice of an ultra-lightweight Performance Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve Tech Tee in the color of your choice.  There are also many more awesome pledge levels!  To learn more about Tribesports Sportswear and to pledge money, go to:

Learn more about Tribesports at:  Follow Tribesports on Facebook at: and on Twitter @Tribesports.