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The Google Doodle Roswell UFO Celebration


Have you been to Google today?  Today’s Google Doodle celebrates something very special in the history of America.  On July 7, 1947, a flying object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.  After this mysterious object crashed, many people came up with their own wacky ideas.  Some people believed a flying saucer crashed and that alien bodies were recovered from the crash site by the US Military.  Then some people believe the US Government covered up the whole incident.

Some people also believe the US Government site called Area 51 is used for some wacky things like storing aliens and spacecrafts, time travel, weather control, weapons testing, and other weird things.  In this fun Google Doodle, this two-dimensional interactive game involves an alien who has to find his parts to his spaceship.  The alien just crashed into Roswell, NM and your mission is to use the stuff he finds to move and climb around to find his spaceship parts.

There are a couple of puzzles involved and you can play this game in around 10 minutes. I enjoyed this game and you will too!  Click on the link to play the game, enjoy!

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