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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week of 6-29-13

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama!  Some of the most popular posts from last week included a discussion about Paula Deen, pictures and a video from Haley’s Team: Running Toward A Cure, Voting For Oxford In The Bark For Your Park Contest, post about 97.3 Hula FM In Birmingham, post about Marian Call music, and TV reviews of Sam and Cat and Naked and Afraid.

Sunday Discussion: The Paula Deen Controversy

Geek Alabama Discussion

I feel bad for Paula Deen for what she is going through right now.  I wrote this post to discuss the controversy and I do think she will come back!

Haley’s Team: Running Towards A Cure 2013 Edition


This post featuring pictures and a video was very popular on Geek Alabama last week!  If you have not seen them yet, click the link!

Vote For Oxford In The Bark For Your Park Contest


Oxford Alabama is in the running to win money toward building a dog park!  Click the link to see photos and a video and to also vote!

Good News Fridays: 97.3 Hula FM In Birmingham

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

A radio station in Birmingham has changed formats and they are now playing Hawaiian music for now.  Click the link to listen to some Hawaiian music!

Music Thursdays: Marian Call Music

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

I like the geeky and nerdy music from Marian Call and you will like it too!  Click the link to learn more about her and listen to some of her music!

TV Reviews: Sam and Cat / Naked and Afraid

Geek Alabama TV Reviews

This post was very popular this week!  Was it because of the Nickelodeon show or the show on Discovery Channel?  Click the link to read this post!