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The Evening Post: Cheerios Just Checking Ad

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The Cheerios ad titled “Just Checking” has caused a firestorm online.  The commercial features a biracial daughter asking her white mother if Cheerios are good for your heart, and then dumping a batch on her black father’s chest to playfully help his heart while he is sleeping on the couch.  The commercial drew racist comments because of the interracial couple which is wrong in my opinion.

You should not judge someone due to the color of their skin.  So what if the person you love is a different race?  After seeing the commercial and hearing the debate, photographer Michael David Murphy decided to create a website titled “We Are the 15 Percent,” a place where other interracial families, such as his own, could post their own family photos.  The title came from a 2008 census report that stated 15 percent of American families are multiracial.  To visit the website, click the link at: