Shape Up! – Weeks 73-74

Geek Alabama Shape Up!

This is weeks 73-74 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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This last week has been very interesting.  First off, my car broke down and sat in the Winn-Dixie parking lot for a couple of days.  The car is now in the shop and the fix has been extreme!  They had to replace the entire steering column and that fix can take a while to do.  So for now I am getting some exercise walking along Greenbrier Dear Rd. to Winn-Dixie.  This walk takes around 45 minutes and it’s tough in the 90 degree heat with very humid air.  That’s what you experience in Alabama every Summer for three months straight.  Here’s my car before it was towed.


And here’s a picture when it was towed.


The walk along Greenbrier Dear Rd. is tough.  First, I am walking along a 4-lane highway filled with cars and 18-wheelers.  Every time a 18-wheeler goes by you can experience a rush of air and some fire ants.  The wind from the trucks sometimes blows some fire ants and the dirt from their mounds along the road up toward my face.  The walk experience starts by going down a small hill, then you have to walk up a long hill.  Once you get to the top, you walk down a small hill and right toward the grocery store.


The walk back is even tougher.  After walking you encounter a small hill and walk it up.  Then you have a small hill you walk down before you walk back up another hill while walking back to the apartment.  The walk is even tougher because you are carrying groceries in your hands!


The walk is made more bearable because I take along a portable radio player and listen to some music while walking.  I wish the City of Anniston would invest in some sidewalks to be placed along Greenbrier Dear Rd.  Walking in the grass and walking onto trash, debris, and fire ant mounds is not fun!  Most of the grass along the route is not cut and you never know what you might step on next.  The only good thing about this walk is I am getting some good exercise!  The walk there and back is burning some calories.  The walk back is even better because you have some extra weight from the groceries.  But I would love to drive the car to the grocery store again.  It won’t be long until that happens!


Other than the walking, it’s been eating one meal a day and nothing more.  The next 10 days are going to be very busy!  Some of the events I will be covering includes Business After Hours at Abbey’s Carpet and Flooring, the Barbarian Challenge, Haley’s 5K Twilight Run, Goodyear Car and Tractor Show, Cooking in the 97.9 WVOK Great Dr. Pepper Grill-Off, see and review Equestria Girls (at Hasbro’s request), and a lunch event in Birmingham with speaker Brian Cauble and the Alabama Social Media Association!  I will be doing a lot more walking and exercise! That’s always a good thing!

This is what I ate last week:

Monday: Pork Chops, Brown Rice, Sweet Tea.

Tuesday: Hotpockets, Sweet Tea.

Wednesday: Frozen Chicken Sandwich, Sweet Tea.

Thursday: Chicken and Dumplings, Sweet Tea.

Friday: Chicken and Dumplings, Sweet Tea.

Saturday: Burger, Fries, Sweet Tea.

Sunday: Burger, Fries, Sweet Tea.

Have a great week everyone!