Shape Up! – Weeks 70-71

Geek Alabama Shape Up!

This is week 70-71 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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It has been a crazy last two weeks around my parts.  Most of the time, I have gotten ready for the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  During Memorial Day weekend, I was at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center in Birmingham taking lots of photos, video, and writing down a lot of stuff to be used in posts on Geek Alabama.  So far, six posts from the event are already up with many more coming!  I do all of this coverage for one reason, Birmingham has a great con called the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  The more coverage it gets, the more guests that might decide to come to Birmingham to a great event!

Yes, if a guest from anywhere in the geek/nerd world wants coverage for their next project, they know they will get some great coverage on Geek Alabama!  Sometimes I wonder about this, I do all of this great coverage on Geek Alabama without getting paid.  I have been unemployed for almost two years now and I sit here wondering what I can do.  I have to get some money from my mother to get to events like the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  I love covering various events across Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast!

During the Alabama Phoenix Festival, I had to wear my tennis shoes because I was running around like a chicken with its head cut-off.  I did several miles of walking between all the different panels this weekend.  The one good thing is the Cahaba Grand Conference Center provides free ice water throughout the facility.  So that means I don’t have to buy drinks during the weekend.  Believe me, when you are walking very fast up and down the convention center, you appreciate that there is free water there!

Lunch at the convention center was very good!  The only thing I hated doing was getting something to eat on the way back to Anniston each night.  I stopped at the AL-77 Lincoln exit along I-20 to grab something quick at 11 pm.  Yes, I got a burger and fries from McDonald’s since it was the only thing open.  Unless I wanted to get a pizza from Domino’s or an unhealthy snack from a gas station, this was all there was available.  It was simple to eat something while driving back to Anniston so when I got home I could go right to bed.  If I was earning money, I would have stayed at the Hilton where the gaming was held at and taken the shuttle to the convention center.  Then I would not had to eat at McDonald’s

So now since the event is over.  I can eat at home again and do some walking during the daytime.  I do not like eating out and prefer to cook something at home anyways.  I am very happy with the coverage I did at the Alabama Phoenix Festival and I will do it again in 2014!  Maybe I can stay in Birmingham in 2014 instead of driving back to Anniston each night.  By the way, the drive there and back is 2 1/2 hours each day.  It was much cheaper to drive back and forth than stay at a hotel.

This is what I ate last week:

Monday: Steak Sandwich, Chips, Sweet Tea.

Tuesday: Steak Sandwich, Chips, Sweet Tea.

Wednesday: Pizza, Sweet Tea.

Thursday: Chicken Nuggets, Fries, Sweet Tea.

Friday: Tacos, Sweet Tea.

Saturday: Burger, Fries, Sweet Tea.

Sunday: Burger, Fries, Sweet Tea.

Monday: Bratwurst, Chips, Sweet Tea.

Have a great week everyone!