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Geek Alabama Rewind: Week of 5-4-13

Geek Alabama Rewind

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama!  Some of the most popular posts from last week included the Whirlwind of Color 5K, why I don’t like screen free weeks, why the I-20/I-59 bridge replacement is bad for Birmingham, the top Summer movies of 2013, how to get around the newspaper paywalls, the Geek Alabama Intro Video, and pictures of Steve Stephens being a human pinata!

Whirlwind of Color 5K In Jacksonville


Many people came to view the pictures and video of the 5K Color Run!  I think you will enjoy these pictures and video!

Why I Don’t Participate In A Screen Free Week


I don’t even know why there is a screen free week.  Sure, we need to spend some time away from screens here and there but not entirely for a week.

Roadscapes Wednesday: Why the Interstate 20/59 Bridge Replacement Is Wrong

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

There are plans to replace the I-20/I-59 bridge through downtown Birmingham.  And although something must be done, there are better ways to do this!

Geek Alabama’s Top Summer Movies 2013


The Summer movie season is here.  Here is a post talking about the top Summer movies you need to see!

How To Get Around the Newspaper Paywalls


Since the newspapers don’t like me Nathan Young and the Geek Alabama blog.  I put out a post to show you how to get around their paywalls!  Revenge!

Good News Fridays: Geek Alabama Intro Video / Steve Stephens Human Pinata

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

This post has my new Geek Alabama Intro Video which is cool!  You also get to see radio DJ Steve Stephens be a human pinata!