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Business Review: Red Pepper Grill May 2013 Review

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This is the first time I have gone back to review a place I have reviewed before.  Red Pepper Grill at the Quintard Mall first opened back in March 2012.  The first owners had really bad service and it showed in the comments on the original post.  The place closed down and no one really missed it.  Here’s the original post if you want to see it.

Then this year, Red Pepper Grill re-opened under new ownership.  The place still looks the same but some things have changed.  New ownership means new employees and faster service.  And the menu looks much different from the last time I went.  After the owner of Red Pepper Grill contacted me to come give the place another try, I did just that!


The new menu at Red Pepper Grill has many items you can choose from!  Of course, the menu is Mexican themed since it’s a Mexican Restaurant!


When you are seated, you automatically get chips and salsa.  The chips are fried up fresh and the salsa is made in-house.  The salsa definitely has a spicy kick to it and some of you might not like it because it’s too spicy.  But don’t worry, Red Pepper Grill also makes a mild salsa as well!  They also offer a guacamole dip made in-house!


Yes, they do offer a cheese dip as well!  The cheese dip was served hot and it was good!


I decided to order off of the lunch menu and the server recommended I get the “Oxford Special.”  This dish is either grilled chicken and shrimp or steak and shrimp that is served in a bed of Mexican rice and topped with cheese sauce.  Yes, this dish was yummy!


The dish was served very hot with the plate hot to the touch.  The steak and shrimp were seasoned well and the cheese sauce poured over made this dish very good!  The staff said this dish is the most popular at Red Pepper Grill and I can see why!  I also got a surprise in the form of a chimichanga with chocolate!


This chimichanga is a deep-fried tortilla with ice cream in the middle!  It’s topped with whipped cream, strawberries, powdered sugar, and chocolate.  This was good!


The entire lunchtime meal was only around $13 before I added a tip.  For the people who remembers the old Red Pepper Grill and how bad the service and food was.  You need to come back and try the Red Pepper Grill again!  You will not be disappointed!

The Red Pepper Grill offers lunch specials for $4.99 with a drink included on Monday-Friday.  Check out the flyer below.

flyer 001

The Red Pepper Grill is located inside the Quintard Mall in Oxford Alabama.  You can contact them by calling 256-835-7781.