The Evening Post: Moving Atoms: Making The World’s Smallest Movie

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I think you will find this interesting.  IBM made a very interesting movie out of atoms!  Using the smallest object known for engineering data storage – atoms – IBM scientists shrunk the big screen down to the atomic level and created “The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy and His Atom.” The tiny Guinness World Record certified movie is comprised of almost 250 stop-motion frames that were combined into an animated film. To help bring this world of atoms to life, the scientists used their scanning tunneling microscope, a unique two-ton microscope that operates at -268 degrees Celsius to tell a short story of a boy (who’s made of atoms) playing with an individual atom.  IBM researchers made a movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times.

Enjoy the movie!


Here is a behind the scenes look!


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