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Music Thursdays: Abby Parks / 30 Gallon Still

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

Over at the Noble Street Festival, I found some time to enjoy some music at the Hot Blast Music Cafe.  I got some video performances and photos of two bands performing some great music!  The first singer is Abby Parks.  She along with Heather Parks Ross performed two songs.  The other band profiled is 30 Gallon Still, this band is made up long time friends who have been in bands all over the country.  The members of this band are Jody Wood, Stephen Hartsfield, Corey Martin, Jake Hale, Ted Amberson, and Ryan Williams.

Enjoy the music from these two bands!  For more info. on Abby Parks go to:  Follow her on Facebook at:

For more info. on 30 Gallon Still go to:

Enjoy the video and photos!

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