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Regions Field In Birmingham Is Now Open


Last night, the Birmingham Barons played their first game in the new Regions Field in downtown Birmingham next to Railroad Park.  A sellout crowd saw a great game and the Barons won over the Mississippi Braves.  Here are some YouTube videos from WVUA-TV and people at the ballpark last night.

This part of Birmingham has seen huge growth in the last few years.  First, Railroad Park opened and many people have taken advantage of the things there.  Railroad Park is a 19 acre green space in downtown Birmingham that celebrates the industrial and artistic heritage of Birmingham.  Then several businesses opened including Good People Brewing Company.  Children’s Hospital also moved to a new state of the art building.  Patients can see the new Regions Park and Railroad Park from their beds!

Now the new Regions Park has opened and this is only going to help downtown Birmingham grow even more!  The new BJCC entertainment district is still under construction and this will also move downtown forward.  Even though I was not at the game last night, I hope to make it to one Regions Field game this season!  Some people have taken it to the comments online on websites like saying that Birmingham is a dangerous city.  Some people have asked the question of why did the Barons move back to downtown when playing in Hoover was safer.

From Birmingham Barons.

Here’s my open letter to the people who are being negative to Birmingham.  People, you do realize that crime can happen anywhere, right?  It doesn’t matter if you are in Pelham, Hoover, Alabaster, Midfield, Bessemer, Birmingham, or any city.  If you don’t pay attention to your surroundings, someone can take advantage of you!  Birmingham has worked hard to turn around the downtown area and several neighborhoods in Birmingham like Avondale, Southside, and downtown has seen great growth!

I am glad to see Birmingham coming back!  It doesn’t make sense to see the biggest city in Alabama suffer like Birmingham has.  The Birmingham Police has worked hard to clean up crime in the downtown areas and I have never felt threatened when I am in downtown Birmingham.  For the people who complain online saying the new Regions Field will fail because it’s in Birmingham.  I don’t think that is going to happen.  Many people have already commented saying they have enjoyed the new ballpark.  And I think the area is going to boom!  Railroad Park and Regions Field is a huge benefit to Birmingham.  And I would not listen to the negative people online saying Birmingham is a crime-infested city.

Now pardon me as I watch this video, take me out to the ball game!

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