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Video Roundup: Social Farter, Urban Wingsuit, Prop Wars


It’s time for Video Roundup!  Here are my top 11 videos of the week!

Social Farter

Farting and smoking in public is bad!

Ode to Sleep Deprived Parents and Terrorising Toddlers

Very creative lyrics, love it!

Urban Wingsuit Flying in Rio de Janeiro 

What a cool stunt!

Terminator False Arm

What a gift to this guy!

Forward Video

Loved seeing everything in reverse!

Cliff Jumping in Hawaii

These people were having a great time!

35 Facts About Fred Rogers

Interesting Stuff!

Imaginary Friend Photo Prank

Loved seeing the scared people’s reactions!

My GoPro Array

Great slow motion graphics!

Prop Wars

Lots of geeky weapons here!

Oreo Separation Pump

Can’t believe this was created!

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