Support Just The Women By Ray Sumser


Ray Sumser tweeted me a special project he is running on Kickstarter.  Ray successfully ran The Entire Cartoon Universe on Kickstarter and this project is concentrating on the women of the cartoon world.  This project will be a sampling of the often overshadowed and under-appreciated heroes that are pop fiction females.  Built out of backer suggestions, he intends for this project to describe and comment on the variety of females in the field of visual fictional.  How many female cartoon characters can you name in this picture?



The picture above is not the final product!  By pledging $15, you can suggest a character to be drawn into the picture.  Because this project is about the backers as much as it is about the characters, you can contact him to tell your story about the character or a certain appearance of theirs that meant something to you.  Since this Kickstarter project has already reached its goal.  He is now focusing on collecting the greatest number of characters to be drawn into the picture.

If you want to pledge and suggest a female cartoon character to be added to this piece.  Go to:

Learn more about Ray Sumser at:

Watch this video from The New York Times to learn more about Ray Sumser’s work!