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The Evening Post: Westboro Equality House

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The Westboro Baptist Church has been one big hate group from day one.  They go around  and picket the funerals of fallen military which is wrong!  Now someone is giving them a taste of their own medicine!  Aaron Jackson, one of the founders of Planting Peace, a multi-pronged charity that has in the past concentrated on rainforest conservation, opening orphanages and deworming programs, bought a house that sits directly across from the church’s compound six months ago. On Tuesday, March 19, he and a team of volunteers painted it to match the gay pride flag.


The project called Equality House, is the first in a new campaign Planting Peace plans to wage against the group.  Planting Peace bought the house for roughly $83,000, and Jackson has lived in Topeka for just over a month.  As he waited for the perfect time to transform the house into a very visible celebration of gay pride, and a direct challenge to what Westboro preaches, he encountered members of the group.  Jackson said he’s confident that the church is already wary of his presence and may be expecting some sort of action from them!

I am glad to see Aaron Jackson doing something like this!  The Westboro Baptist Church has spread hate all over this country.  Many people have had to block their views so the victims don’t have to see them.  Nothing could be better than seeing a anti-gay hate group seeing a rainbow-colored gay-pride house right across the street!  This is what I call poetic justice!  Here is a video from Huff Post Live!