The Veronica Mars Project Has Exploded


UPDATE:  The Kickstarter reached its goal in less than 12 hours!


I don’t know why Veronica Mars is so popular.  It only lasted for three seasons and when it was cancelled it broke the hearts of many fans.  But thanks to Kickstarter, Veronica is going to rise again!   Creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell have decided to ask the fans to raise money for The Veronica Mars Project.

Veronica Mars was a show about the daughter of a private investigator who follows in her father’s footsteps at high school.  It developed a cult following but did not last very long because the show was on a low rated channel.  The people involved with the show wanted to follow-up with a movie for a long time but they were often getting denied.  So they went to Kickstarter, and boy have the fans delivered!  They need to raise $2 million dollars to film the movie.  Eight hours after launch, the Kickstarter project has raised $1.5 million!  This campaign has until April 12th to raise the $2 million, but they will raise a lot more than they need!


Barring any additional complications with the talent’s schedules, Thomas is hoping to go into pre-production as soon as the $2 million goal for the campaign is reached, and then head into actual production this summer.  Warner Brothers, who also owns the rights to the show, has agreed to distribute the movie once its made!  You can expect the movie in early 2014!

The film would take Veronica out of the small town of Neptune where she’s long since been done with the mystery-solving business.  But something big (along with her ten-year high school reunion) brings her back.  Since this campaign is going to get funded with a lot of money!  This might open the door for cult shows and movies to get a new life.  Could we see a “Jericho” or “Firefly” movie in the future?  I think it could happen!

To learn more about The Veronica Mars project and to donate; go to: