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The Evening Post: Hacking Donkey Kong To Play Pauline

Geek Alabama Evening Post

I am sure we have all played the classic game Donkey Kong.  You remember it; you played Mario and you had to climb the ladders and avoid the obstacles to rescue Pauline.  Now I have found a story that should make you happy!  Mike Mika hacked Donkey Kong so his daughter could play Pauline instead of Mario!  This was no easy task as Mike had to create new frames of animation.  When Mike’s daughter saw she could play Pauline; it changed her world!  I have to nominate Mike Mika for the father of the year award!

One disturbing thing is some of the comments on the YouTube video.  One person wished her “dead” because “it would do the world a favor and be one less feminist in our future.”  Some people really thinks this move would push a more feminist agenda.  These people need to grow up!  To read the article written by Mike Mika; click on the link!

Enjoy the video of Donkey Kong Pauline Style!