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The Evening Post: Sim City Chat With Will Wright

Geek Alabama Evening Post

It has been over 10 years since SimCity 4 came out.  Millions of fans have turned this game into something cool!  And now SimCity 5 is coming out on March 8th.  Recently the original SimCity creator Will Wright held a Q & A with Ocean Quigley, the Creative Director of the new SimCity.

During the video, you will see what Will thinks of the new SimCity and learn about how he plays the game.  You will also get an inside look into Will and Ocean’s past experiences working on SimCity 4 and the design decisions that went into the new SimCity.  You also get to see some awesome pictures from the new SimCity 5.

In this second video, Lead Designer Stone Librande turns the tables on Will Wright and asks him about how he builds his cities.  You will learn what Will thought and hear about the challenges of city building from the man who created a genre.

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