The Evening Post: Bev Nerd’s Local Chew

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Geek Alabama likes to promote some of the local things from people living in NE Alabama / NW Georgia.  So for this edition of The Evening Post, I wanted to promote a new web series from the folks at BevNerd.  This series titled Local Chew is hosted by Jason Coleman & Megan Rome.  This web series will feature restaurants, breweries, cafes, bakeries, diners, pubs and anything food stuff.

For this first episode; SugarBakers in Gadsden is featured.  The hosts try dishes like the Super Salad & Club w/ Soup.  And sweets like Ooey Gooey Bars, Rocky Road Fudge Bars & Red Velvet Cupcakes!  To learn more about Local Chew go to:

To learn more about SugarBakers go to:


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