Kickstarter Tuesdays: The Amazing Jellyfish

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I first wanted to talk about the first two Kickstarter projects I talked about on Geek Alabama.  Both projects are now fully funded and are over 100%!  You still have some time to pledge to the Ungrounded Comic Book and the 18th Century Oeben Mechanical Table projects!  To learn more click on the links:

Today I wanted to talk about an interesting project I have found on Kickstarter.  The  Amazing Jellyfish is a handmade glass sculpture that glows in the dark.  What makes this amazing is the jellyfish that is inside the handmade glass sculpture.  When you turn off the lights, these look very cool!

The Amazing Jellyfish is an American owned company based in Gadsden.  They had an idea a few years ago to collect several artists into a group and work together.  They are a nature inspired company and makes arts of glass works with nature in mind.  They want to promote wildlife and make the public know more about nature through their works of art.
All of their glass creations are made by hand by an artist. They hand make each design and no two designs are the same.  Each design represents an actual species of jellyfish in the ocean.  Yes, each glass piece features a jellyfish that has passed away.


The company is raising money through Kickstarter to open a large furnace in Gatlinburg, TN.  The furnace will be used to produce thousands of their pieces.  They will then be able to wholesale their art to other galleries abroad.  The surprising thing is they have found that most countries appreciate american made product and will even pay more for it.  They need to raise money for the new furnace to start their production capabilities.

So why they are going through Kickstarter?  Here is their reasons.

We have been in business for 20 years.  We have found that there are not many glass artists left in the industry due to imports from other countries.  We are now selling our art pieces globally and see that there is a great demand for our product.  We think by forming a group of artist six glass blowers.  We will be able to do more as group.  We want to grow and train other artists to help us in our new project.  We have much experience in the industry.  

We need help with our new furnace project.  If we can raise the money to buy a new furnace we can hire new artists in america, create jobs, and export our products globally to other countries.  Its time we took our country back to the standards of long ago.  Every person we hire creates a stable job for another artist.  We are exporting our products to other countries, which is opposite of what our country is doing with so many imports coming into the country.  We do need your help.  Help support American artists.


As of February 5th, this Kickstarter project has around $700 of the $20,000 goal they need to be funded.  And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached!  This project only has 29 days left to reach the $20,000 goal.  If you pledge $25 you can get a handmade glow in the dark jellyfish necklace.  For a pledge of $50 you can get a 4.5 inches tall glow in the dark jellyfish sculpture.  By pledging more money, you will get a bigger jellyfish glow in the dark sculpture.

To learn more about The Amazing Jellyfish and to pledge money go to:

To learn more about The Amazing Jellyfish go to: