Shape Up! – Week 55

Geek Alabama Shape Up!

This is week 55 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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First off; congrats to the Baltimore Ravens for winning Super Bowl 47.  This Super Bowl will be forever nicknamed as the Blackout Bowl as the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome.  I predicted the Ravens winning 35-31 on Saturday on Geek Alabama.  The Super Bowl 47 final score was Ravens 34-31.  I should go to Las Vegas because I almost picked the correct score!  There were several funny pictures created because of the blackout.  One was the Super Bowl logo renamed as the Blackout Bowl.  The other was from Oreo and it reads, You Can Still Dunk In the Dark.  Very creative!

580686_10200610149395173_1798620762_ntumblr_mhoblkFrFg1ruw1vso1_500So, I know you get tired drinking water all the time.  Who wouldn’t?  If you only drink water you will get tired of it after a while and that means people will turn to drinks with a lot of calories.  I like to keep several bottles of water in the fridge.  Nothing is better than ice-cold water during a hot day.  But I also prepare other drinks as well.  I like to brew my own sweet tea which is easy to do.  You can buy a box of tea bags for $1 and sugar is not expensive as well.  Here’s how I do it!

What are the benefits of drinking water?  Your body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.  Drinking water helps to maintain this balance of bodily fluids.  Water can also help control calories, helps your kidneys, helps to keep your skin looking good, and helps to energize your muscles.  Basically water is essential for life!  As long as you drink something that is a fluid, it will help your body run efficiently!  You can try good alternatives like juices and milk if you get tired of drinking plain old water.

Make sure your drink enough water in your day!  As for me in the last week, well I have been walking and eating one meal a day.  That’s all I can do since I have been unemployed for over 19 months!  Searching for my 14th job in seven years has been a pain.  This is what I did last week in Anniston.  You know you are desperate when you walk around wearing signs saying “looking for work.”


Here is what I ate last week:

Saturday: Chicken Wings, Sweet Tea.

Sunday: Pork Chops and Brown Rice, Sweet Tea.

Monday: Pizza, Sweet Tea.

Tuesday:  Hotpockets, Sweet Tea.

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken and Brown Rice, Sweet Tea.

Thursday: Pork Chops and Brown Rice, Sweet Tea.

Friday: TV Dinners, Sweet Tea.

Have a wonderful week everyone!