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The Evening Post: Pastor’s No-Tip

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This story has made the rounds online.  The photo first posted on Reddit shows a credit card receipt from a St. Louis Applebee’s. The pastor, who was a member of a large dining party, scribbles out the denoted 18 percent gratuity on the receipt and writes, “I give God 10 percent, why do you get 18?”  The guest signed the receipt, not adding any additional tip to the bill. The customer did, however, add “pastor” to their signature.  Here’s the picture of the receipt.



As you know; Many restaurants add an additional gratuity to large dining parties – a policy wait staff have no control over.  The gratuity is an industry standard 18 percent, and is listed in the restaurant’s menus to inform guests.  But that did not stop this stunt.  The server showed the receipt to her co-worker Chelsea Welch, who then posted the photo on Reddit under the title “My mistake sir, I’m sure Jesus will pay for my rent and groceries.”  The pastor saw this photo online and contacted Applebee’s.  She wanted the entire staff fired!  The server who posted the photo was later fired!

The Smoking Gun, who identified the pastor as 37-year-old Alois Bell, told the website that her message was a “lapse in judgment that has been blown out of proportion.” Bell also claims that after realizing she was already charged the 18 percent gratuity, she left an additional six dollars in cash on the table for the server.  Reaction on social media has exploded over this photo and I want to talk about it.

Server’s only make 2.13 an hour at their jobs.  They make up for that by earning tips each hour.  So seeing 0 next to the tip is an insult.  I have seen comments online from people saying diners on Sunday don’t tip very well because the business should be closed on Sundays.  What?  Some people also feels that any tips over 10% is unmoral because pastors tell you to tithe 10% to the Lord.  In my opinion, that pastor deserves public humiliation.  If the Pastor couldn’t afford a tip, she should have stayed home!  Waitresses work very hard and tips are most of their lively hood!

I’m sure Applebee’s is paying very little to their waiters and waitresses.  These people live off their tips, not their hourly wages. The so-called pastor was out of line to write that on the receipt and way out of line to call and get someone fired.  The pastor should be ashamed to use this excuse just because she is too tight to pay for service.  Maybe she should be fired also and see how hard it is to pay bills with no money.  I hope she thinks about this on Sunday while she’s preaching to the sinners in her flock.  Applebee’s better correct this situation quick, because I have seen numerous comments from people saying they will not go to a Applebee’s until the server is re-hired.


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  1. I tip 20% bare minimum, and that is for TERRIBLE service. Usually 30-40%. Simply as a matter of social justice, for the reasons you list (low wages, living on tips etc.) I think if you are going to enjoy being waited on, you owe it to the waiter.

    But if the restaurant imposes the 18%, I pay not one dime more, and explain to my server how their employer just stiffed them out of up to twice that. It’s a horrible practice, IMHO.

    But publicly exposing a skinflint or cheapskate to international public ridicule and hatred is also wrong. (I note you’re only opposed to some ‘haters’, not all.) The employee should have lost her job, because her employer has legitimate concerns that other patrons might legitimately fear being exposed to ridicule for whatever reasons.