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The Evening Post: Beyonce’s Inauguration Lip-Sync

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Okay, who is shocked about this?  During the Presidential Inauguration Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem.  A spokeswoman for the Marine Corps Band said early Tuesday that Beyoncé only pretended to sing, lip-syncing the words to a backing track. What we heard was a version she had recorded at a Marine Corps studio in Washington on Sunday night.  What’s worse, the Marine Corps Band did not even play live music and just pretended to play while the National Anthem was performed.  A Marine Corps spokesman, said the corps had determined that a live performance of the anthem was ill-advised because its members had little time to rehearse with the singer.  What?

I guess Beyonce is wanting to save her voice for her Super Bowl Halftime Show that happens in under two weeks.  I find this as a national disgrace that the National Anthem was lip-synced.  I wonder if Beyonce has plans to lip-sync the Super Bowl Halftime Show as well?  Is the Super Bowl more important than the Presidential Inauguration?  Here’s the video of her performance if you want to watch it.