Kickstarter Tuesdays: Ungrounded Comic Book

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Here is a brand new weekly segment starting on Geek Alabama.  Many geeks, nerds, and people who love technology loves the website Kickstarter.  And on this weekly segment called Kickstarter Tuesdays, I will promote a Kickstarter project in Geek Alabama territory (NE Alabama / NW Georgia) that could use some support.  So for my first Kickstarter Tuesday post, I want to highlight a very cool comic book called UNGROUNDED.

b361a93f43b10b4e35bbb8e5fd8a0e91_largeUNGROUNDED is a profoundly weird but still all ages appropriate comic book created by Patrick Gerard out of Carrollton, GA.  UNGROUNDED follows onto-physicist Joseph Danner, who sought to unravel the mysteries of creation with a mechanism designed to fold him across the tenth dimension and beyond.  Returning from his journey, he discovered he had gained mastery of electricity and magnetism.  However, while his powers made him invulnerable to anything shy of the impact of a planetary collision, he cannot fly.  Fortunately, he gets by with the aid of his flying polar bear companion Ulysses, who he met in his travels.  As the C-list costumed hero known as Mister Solenoid, he scours the corners of the cosmos in an effort to guide his world’s evolution to become the perfect world.


Patrick Gerard, Eryck Webb, and Larime Taylor created the UNGROUNDED comic book series and they say the tone of the book is somewhere between EDISON REX, NEXTWAVE, and ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.  Of course when you start a Kickstarter project you have to give a reason why you want people to back your project.  Here is the reasons why you should back this comic book from the creators.

UNGROUNDED is a unique book with a unique worldview, the kind that doesn’t find a home at a traditional publisher easily. In particular, I think many in comics are uncomfortable with humor and super-heroes mixing and this is a book that doesn’t take itself exceedingly seriously, while also striving to be philosophically clever. If I wasn’t crushed under the weight of student loan debt, I would probably finance the book myself. In any event, this book is probably a bit too off-kilter for many traditional publishers. However, it can come to life if YOU help out and decide to back it. Because YOU, dear reader, have a quirky sense of humor and like things that at least strive for cleverness. I hope.

Backing UNGROUNDED allows me to pay the artist for his work and print copies of the comic. It also helps support the cost of the Kickstarter rewards.

What might be considered somewhat novel is that I’m prepared to expand the page count dramatically in a way that benefits all backers. While the goal is set for a single full length comic book, through achieving stretch goals, we can increase the page count and amount of content sent out to all backers. I hope this encourages you to donate generously and to urge your friends to back the project as well. If any of the requested donation levels seem steep, consider that the more people back this project, the bigger the comic you receive will be.

Just have a look at the first four pages of the comic book put on the Kickstarter page.  This is some good animation and drawings.

e61ec266cfef52f63deb5e31f222de99_largeAs of January 22nd, this Kickstarter project has around $2,000 of the $3,000 goal they need to be funded.  And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached!  This project only has 17 days left to reach the $3,000 goal.  If you pledge $10 you will get the physical book when it’s ready.  For a pledge of $20 you will get a PDF copy of the book.  The rewards get better like a walk-on in the comic book and much more cool things if you pledge more money!

To learn more about the UNGROUNDED Comic Book and to pledge money go to: