Shape Up! – Week 53

Geek Alabama Shape Up!

This is week 53 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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This week has been very interesting in the sickness front.  The flu has reached epidemic levels across the country.  From the latest flu map from the CDC.  48 out of 50 states including Alabama have widespread Influenza activity.

fluNo doubt many people are sick right now.  Many hospitals and doctor offices are overwhelmed with patients who are sick with the flu.  It’s gotten so bad that cities are scrubbing down things that the public touches often.  Things from buses, handles, subway trains, and even push-button ped signals are being scrubbed down and cleaned to stop the spread of the flu.  The flu is so bad that universities, public schools, and workplaces are waving attendance requirements to keep sick people at home.  One thing to think about, more than 40 million Americans do not have paid sick time leave.

If you are sick with the common cold or flu, you should not go to work or school!  But because some people do not make a “living wage.”  These people have no choice but to go in to work and at the same time pass the flu or cold virus to their co-workers.  Some people have even been fired because they missed work while they had the flu or cold.  That is wrong folks, some employers don’t care about the health of their co-workers.  They only care about making a buck.  I wish more states would pass laws requiring paid sick time leave or laws where you can’t be fired because you were out sick.  Just like this funny video, if you are sick you need to stay home!

There are also a lot of questions about this year’s flu vaccine.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this year’s flu vaccine is 62 percent effective.  Some people who have gotten a flu shot are still getting the flu.  You have to do more than getting a flu shot to prevent yourself from getting the flu.  The CDC has a great website to help you from getting the flu virus.  Just go to:  One very important thing is to wash your hands!  This skit from Jimmy Kimmel and One Republic is perfect!

As for me last week, I am doing the usual walking and eating one meal a day.  Being on food stamps will do that to you.  As I approach month 19 of being unemployed, I spend plenty of time standing along a traffic light intersection to reflect.  I know of many people who have been unemployed for so long!  I will come out with a post explaining why East Alabama is in deep trouble.  I hope you come back to read that!

Here is what I ate last week:

Saturday: Buffet Breakfast, Popcorn, Sweet Tea.

Sunday: Hotpockets, Sweet Tea.

Monday: Pork Chops and Brown Rice, Sweet Tea.

Tuesday:  Burger and Fries, Root Beer.

Wednesday: TV Dinner, Diet Coke.

Thursday: Pork Chops and Brown Rice, Diet Coke.

Friday: Burger and Fries, Diet Coke.

Have a wonderful week everyone!