Shape Up! – Weeks 49-50

Geek Alabama Shape Up!

This is weeks 49-50 in my series of Shape Up!  The weekly post on what I did over the last week in my quest to getting healthier.

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Yes, I decided to skip one week of Shape Up because of Christmas.  But don’t worry because I am back!  Speaking of which, It is getting very close to the one year mark!  Last January Shape Up began when I was on ABC 33/40 Focus @ 4.  Here is the video to remind yourselves.  I am hoping they will come back out for a one year check up.

Yes, I do think I am in better shape than a year ago.  Ever since the school shootings at Sandy Hook.  The national mainstream media has put a bad rap on us with Asperger’s Syndrome.  I want to show the world that Aspie’s are not evil people.  Here is me posing in front of the sign reading “I am not afraid of this world; I just want to make a difference!  I am autistic.”lights 444

I also hope you read my 2012 Christmas wish post.  Give yourself about 30 minutes to read the post and watch the video!

So this week I want to talk about a story I saw online.  This article is from Men’s Health Magazine.  They came out with a story ranking the healthiest cities for men.  The top 5 cities were Boise, ID; San Jose, CA; San Francisco, CA; Plano, TX; and Seattle, WA.  What do these five cities have in common except all of them being west of the Mississippi River?  These cities are home to very active people.  Boise has miles and miles of bike trails and it is very easy and safe to ride a bike.  San Jose and San Francisco has some of the highest amounts of people exercising.  Plano has some of the safest drivers in the country.  And Seattle has the highest concentration of coffee drinkers.

But what makes this list surprising is the five least healthiest cities for guys.  The five least healthiest cities are St. Louis,MO; Toledo, OH; Charleston, SC; Philadelphia, PA; and Birmingham, AL.  That’s right; Birmingham is the least healthiest city for guys in America!  Cue the Price is Right loser horn!

Men’s health delved into more than a dozen data sources in order to assemble city rankings in 38 different criteria, including everything from air quality to unemployment, cost of living to death rates.  They factored in property crime and criminally long commute times.  They even took into account the ratio of single men to single women.  I have a couple of ideas on why Birmingham is the least healthiest city in America for guys.

One, people in Alabama love the unhealthy southern food.  We will eat fried foods, BBQ and drink sweet tea all the time!  Second, it’s dangerous to exercise.  Ever tried to walk, run, or ride a bike along a road.  Many drivers like to run pedestrians and cyclists off the road!  You should not have to get in a car and drive just to get to an area so you can walk, run, or ride a bike.  And third, Birmingham has the highest concentration of single drivers in America.   With a horrible mass transit system and corrupt cities, this makes people commute long distances every day.  I can see why we are unhealthy.

Sadly; it’s going to take a lot of work to get off the unhealthy list.  We need to make it easier to walk and ride a bike along a road.  It will not hurt cities to put in bike lanes and bike paths to make exercising easier.  We also need to stop the corruption in Jefferson County and the City of Birmingham.  Many people commute from Shelby County to Birmingham every day because of the corruption.  People would love to work and live in downtown Birmingham but that will never happen until all the corruption is cleaned up.  Also the bad schools and high crime rates have to be cleaned up as well!  We also need to discuss the poverty and food issue.  For families with low-income, it’s cheaper to buy high calorie processed food instead of healthy food.  We have to fix that!

Yes; I am not happy to see the Birmingham Metro being ranked as the least healthiest city for guys in America.  But the metro area needs to WORK TOGETHER to help fix this problem.  So far; the cities and counties in the metro area has a problem of not working together on anything.  That must change!

To read the story from Men’s Health click on the link.

As for me last week, I only have one meal a day since I have been unemployed for 17 months and looking for my 14th job in seven years.  It’s gets old sitting here with nothing to do!  At least Christmas went okay for me this year.

Here is what I ate last week:

Saturday: Steak Sandwich, Diet Coke.

Sunday: Pizza, Diet Coke.

Monday: Steak Sandwich, Diet Coke.

Tuesday:  Turkey, Ham, Fixings, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Tea.

Wednesday: Christmas Leftovers, Diet Coke.

Thursday: Christmas Leftovers, Diet Coke.

Friday: Christmas Leftovers, Diet Coke.

Have a wonderful week everyone!