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An Animation Monday Christmas: Adult Christmas Specials



Sure; during this time of the year we get to enjoy many Christmas specials that are for kids and families.  And yes; I enjoy many of them!  But the cartoons for adults also have animated Christmas specials as well!  So here are some of my favorite animated Christmas specials for adults!

South Park:

South Park has had the most Christmas specials than the other adult cartoons.  Who doesn’t love some of the past specials.  Remember the Woodland Critter Christmas, or when everyone in South Park decides to forgo presents and celebrate a non-materialistic holiday season.  I think the most memorible Christmas special was Mr. Hankey.  Kyle tries to convince every one of the existence of “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.  Yes even a song was made!


Futurama wanted to do a different kind of Christmas story involving evil.   In the year 2801, The Friendly Robot Company had made up a robotic version of St. Nick himself to determine who has been naughty and who has been nice. Unfortunately, due to a programming error, the jolly robotic saint soon turns into a mad murderer when his standards are set too high and he will kill anyone who has been naughty (which by his standards is everyone except for Doctor Zoidberg) at sundown.  The evil robot Santa will kill you on Christmas!

Family Guy:

Family Guy has had several Christmas specials but I thought this was the best!  Baby Stewie and Brian the dog, who are voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane, go on an adventure to the North Pole in an attempt to kill Santa Claus.  They eventually discover a dreary, polluting factory full of disease-ridden elves and carnivorous, feral reindeer, along with a sickly, exhausted Santa who begs to be killed.  Stewie and Brian take pity on him, however, and decide to fulfill Christmas by delivering gifts to the entire globe, albeit unsuccessfully.  It’s a sad and cute Christmas special.

American Dad:

American Dad has had several Christmas specials which depict the Christmas season very well!  Some specials are great such as The Most Adequate Christmas Ever where Stan goes through Heaven court to try to save his family.  Or Rapture’s Delight where Stan and Francine have sex at church and the rapture happens.  Or during For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls where Santa and his elves attack the family.  The American Dad Christmas specials are interesting to watch!

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