Black Friday Chaos 2012


I guess this is the new tradition for Geek Alabama.  Last year I went to capture the Black Friday madness in the Oxford, AL area.  And many of you came to the blog and looked at the crazy pictures.  So I went back out this year and captured the madness again.  First I went to Wal-Mart and everything went well.  There were plenty of employees and police to keep the peace.  The store made people wait in the aisles for the next deals to start which I thought was good.  Then I went to the Oxford Exchange and Target was open.  The crowds were heavy but everything ran well!  The lines for Best Buy, Old Navy, and Kohl’s were long!  Then at the Quintard Mall Toys-R-Us, Sears, and Goody’s were open at 8 pm.  For the other stores opening at midnight people were sitting on the floor waiting for the stores to open.

All of these photos are sad to see really.  Many Americans have lost the true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is not about being greedy or buying material things.  Christmas should be about helping others and believing in Jesus!  I certainly do wish Black Friday Thursday would be outlawed!  I also thought seeing the stores opening on Thanksgiving Night was cowardly.  Enjoy the photos!

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