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The Evening Post: Midland, TX Accident

I just wanted to post this tonight.  During the “Hunt for Heroes” parade and event in Midland, TX.  A flatbed tractor-trailer was slammed into by a Union Pacific Train.  The sad part about all of this was Military Veterans and their spouses were on the flatbed trying to jump off before the train struck.  As of 11-15 four people were killed and 17 others were injured.

Sadly many people along the parade route witnessed the accident.  This is a sad day for the west Texas community and people do need to pray about this sad situation.  Now I have a question about this accident.  Below is a picture of the crossing where the accident occurred.  You can see there is traffic light intersections on both sides of the train tracks.  Also there is a barrier on the center line to prevent people from going around the gates.  Either the truck was blocked because of stopped parade traffic and the driver could not get off the tracks.  Or the driver did a very stupid thing by actually going onto the tracks to beat the train and stopping because of traffic.

For more information about the accident.  Click on the links below.