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The Taste of Calhoun County 2012

On Tuesday evening I attended the annual event put on by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.  The Business 2 Business Expo and The Taste of Calhoun County is held every year at the Anniston City Meeting Center.  Before the food tasting I went around and talked to all of the booths.  I was wearing my Geek Alabama media badge and had my camera with me.  The reasons I did this were simple!

First I wanted people to know about the Geek Alabama blog.  And two; I have been unemployed for 15 months!  And I am still on that endless search for my 14th job in seven years.  So maybe someone has a job lead out there?  The good thing is I got a couple of praises from people thanking me for covering their events.  The two events were from Pet Fest 2012 and The Eve Calhoun Party.  The links to those posts are below.

Here are some pictures from inside the meeting center.

Me with Fret Michaels.


Guess the number of M&M’s. No I did not win.

Alright on to the good stuff!  Several local restaurants and food places turned out for The Taste of Calhoun County.  I went around to every booth and sampled the food.  The people then got to text their vote to decide The Taste of Calhoun County winner.  From the chamber’s Facebook page here are the winners.

Congratulations to all our winners from yesterday’s Taste of Calhoun County! Best Lunch: Covalli’s, Best Pizza: Mata’s, Best Dessert: Jillybean’s, Best Chicken: The Peerless Grille, Best BBQ: Smoke-N-Hot, Best Sandwich: DamnYankees, Best Ribs: Heroes, Best Wings: DamnYankees, Best Authentic Dish: Covalli’s, Best Seafood: DamnYankees, and The Taste of Calhoun County Winner: The Peerless Grille.

So here is my take on the food I tasted.  Let’s start with Jack’s Family Restaurants   They gave everyone a chicken strip with a small biscuit with comeback sauce.  I love the chicken strips at Jack’s and in my opinion they have the best chicken!

Next was Zaxby’s where I tried their chicken with their mild sauce.  I mostly tasted the sauce with little chicken flavor.

Next was Smoke-N-Hot.  I had beef tips, a wing, smoked ham, and their chicken soup.  Their meats tasted great but I thought the chicken soup was too smoky.

Next was newcomer Covalli’s Italian Kitchen.  I had two pasta flavors, pizza, and a spinach with cheese dish.  Wow this food was good and I voted them as The Taste of Calhoun County winner!  This food might even beat my mom’s husband Italian cooking.  Yes he is from Italy.

Next was a ham sandwich and pecan cookie from Honey Baked Ham.  The sandwich was good but I really enjoyed the cookie!

Next was food from Yume Asia Cuisine.  Their food tasted good but I am not a big fan of Asian cooking.

Next was pizza from Mata’s Greek Pizza.  Their pizza was awesome!  Yes their pizza is much better than those pizza chains.

Next was a pork sandwich from Sonny’s BBQ.  Their BBQ had more flavor than some of the other BBQ restaurants in the area!

Next was a sandwich from The Peerless Grille.  It tasted very good and I can see why they won the big award.

Next was wings and an oyster from Damn Yankees.  I really liked the wings but I did not like the oyster.  This was my first time trying an oyster.

Next was some locally brewed beer from Heroes American Grille.  The beer tasted very good!

Now for dessert!  First Alabama Power was making Bananas Foster!  Too bad they were not in the competition because it was good!

Next was cupcakes from Jillybean’s in Jacksonville.  Their chocolate and wedding cake cupcakes were tasty!

And here are cupcakes from Too Nice to Slice in Oxford.  I really liked the cookies and cream cupcake!

I was glad I got sweet tea from Jack’s and water from BB&T.  All of that food can make you thirsty.

Overall I really enjoyed the food at this event and now I have some future plans for some business reviews for Geek Alabama!  I thought Covalli’s Italian Kitchen had the overall best food.  And both Jillybean’s and Too Nice to Slice had the best desserts.  I give Damn Yankees the award for best wings, Smoke-N-Hot for the best BBQ, and Heroes American Grille for the best sandwich.   I also vote Mata’s for the best pizza!  It was a great event!


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