The Evening Post: Dog’s Dying Wish

Tonight I wanted to show this video that could make you cry.  The group Save Our Street Dogs in Singapore picked up a stray dog and they named it Ol’ Boy.  Ol’ Boy was a stray dog who a member of the public spotted to be in distress and asked the group to help him.  After trying to save him everyone knew he was about to pass away.   They decided to take him home for his final hours of life and the moment was touching.  The dog was happy and wagging its tail!  All he wanted was some love!  After he passed away to the rainbow bridge they cremated him and spread his ashes at a beach the dog showed the people.

Pets are always a part of the family and they should not be mistreated.  This video shows the compassion of animals to people.  And I liked this video!  I love what Save Our Street Dogs said about Ol’ Boy.

What started out to be a routine rescue turned out to be a lesson in life and death which we will never forget.  All sentient beings, humans and dogs alike, should be allowed to die in dignity. Run free, Ol’ Boy. 

Learn more about Save Our Street Dogs at:

Enjoy the video!

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