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The Evening Post: Quadrocopters

First the updated Paralympic medal count.  China is way ahead in first with 183 medals.  The United States is in 4th with 71 medals.

Let’s celebrate some American achievement tonight.  First Richard Browne from Mississippi won silver in the men’s 100m – T44 Final.  Congrats!

From London 2012.

Also Jeremy Campbell won gold today in the men’s Discus Throw – F44 Final.  Congrats!

From London 2012.

Tonight I wanted to share this cool video from Ascending Technologies in Germany.  It shows quadrocopters or 3D-Modells in the sky.  These devices managed to fly a formation outdoors and it really looked like an alien swarm.  These devices painted some moments of magic into the night sky of Linz, Austria.  This video is very cool!


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  1. China is always in the top row of medals tally for any type of sports event. There participants are always dominating all other contestants of other countries for there quality of sports.