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The Evening Post: Gangnam Style

First the updated Olympic Medal Count.  The United States has taken the medal count lead again with 81!  Did you know that 23 of the 34 gold medals won by the United States so far were won by women?  (as of 8/8 10pm central)

Today’s Olympic moments are all from track and field.  First Allyson Felix won gold in the women’s 200 meters.  She wants to become an elementary school teacher after her Olympic career.  Congrats!

From Associated Press.

The other person is not well-known but she won gold!  Brittney Reese won gold in the Women’s Long Jump.  She wanted to win the gold and bring it back to Gulfport, MS to show support after Hurricane Katrina.  Congrats!

From Associated Press.

Tonight I wanted to share this video that has over 20 million views!  The Korean band named PSY has come out with the music video named Gangnam Style.  And all I can say is the dancing is great!  I will not be surprised if the dance performed in this video will be parodied by many people.  Enjoy the video!

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